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  • Who is 105 VIERTEL?
    105 VIERTEL is a social enterprise with the vision make Hamburg the coolest city in the world for all people in all 105 districts (“Stadtviertel”). We are start-up, accelerator, and incubator in one. We have small ventures in culture, education, inclusion, and sustainability and plan to grow ourselves but also enable others to grow.
  • Why is Impact Hub now part of 105 VIERTEL?
    Please see the latest LinkedIn post and press release for more information.
  • What about the old Impact Hub team?
    Parts of the team joined the new venture, so you will see a few familiar faces at the events and in the office.
  • Is the new organization still the Impact Hub Hamburg?
    105 VIERTEL has applied for change of ownership of the Impact Hub Hamburg license at the Global Impact Hub network. The general motion has passed and is now in the due diligence and review process. Only after this process is done will we know whether we will have access to the Global Impact Hub network. Either way, our mission remains the same: being a connector and enabler in the impact entrepreneurship community and creating sustainable and inclusive innovation at scale!
  • Which membership options exist?
    We have one membership model within which you can book additional packages such as co-working, postal service. The monthly membership fee is on a "pay what you can"-basis. For more details, please see the Membership page.
  • Where do I sign up for the newsletter?
    You have to be a member to be part of our newsletter and slack channel. For more information regarding a membership, please see above or on the Membership page.
  • Can I register my business with the new address?
    As a member, the postal service is available as an additional booking. Please select the postal service addition when signing up as a member or book the package through your membership page.


Do you still have questions?

For further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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