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Impact Hub
Hamburg Candidate

Impact Hub is a global community of people who create positive change, challenge the status quo and reimagine the future. After some challenging and turbulent months, Impact Hub Hamburg is now part of 105 VIERTEL.
Together we will continue the mission:
pushing for sustainable and inclusive innovation at scale.

(Re) join and be a part of our impact community!

105 VIERTEL: Schreibtisch mit Handy und Pflanze und dem 105 VIERTEL Logo im Hintergrund

For more information on the recent developments, please see the LinkedIn post, press release, or our FAQ. In November we officially received Impact Hub Hamburg Candidate status and are in the process of reactivating the old channels (Website, LinkedIn, Instagram). Stay tuned!

Putting your idea and yourself out there is less intimidating when you have a community of like-minded people behind you. In this spirit, we invite all former Impact Hub Hamburg members to rejoin our community and everyone else to become a part of an exciting network! We offer knowledge sharing, peer support, access to experts, and events that inspire. Getting to know new perspectives and receiving feedback from a multitude of people is a huge source of inspiration and creativity that we want to tap into with you.

Impact Hub Hamburg: Drei Menschen brainstorming vor einer Glaswand, auf der Impact Mindset steht


Impact Hub Hamburg: Co-Working Space mit drei Menschen, die an Schreibtischen arbeiten

Further Offerings

Our office at Gänsemarkt 33 has a free open desk area where we offer coworking. As a member, you have the option to book a desk through your membership page and to check availability if you want to join spontaneously. Moreover, we have one conference room and a large kitchen that is a great basis for an open exchange. For larger gatherings, 105 VIERTEL owns the venues Grüner Jäger in St. Pauli and Phoenix in Phoenixhöfe in Altona where we are sure we will have the occasional amazing parties. Let us grow together and make the best use of the space!

Given the background of the people at 105 VIERTEL, we want to help our members grow and accelerate their impact. We launched our 105 VIERTEL Impact Accelerator in September: Eight exciting circularity startups are currently working on reaching their next growth goals through business und impact mentorship.

Your Home for Impact

Impact Community Newsletter

What are the latest news, trends and events in the field of impact entrepreneurship? What's happening in Hamburg's Impact Community? Sign up here for our monthly newsletter:

Our Membership Package

Be a part of the 105 VIERTEL Impact Community and continue the mission with us: pushing for sustainable and inclusive innovation at scale.

(Re) join and be a part of our impact community!


Access to our impact community (slack, newsletter, community networking events)
Knowledge sharing within the community
Access to entrepreneurship programs and workshops (first pilot on acceleration is in planning and we are reactivating former programs)
Rental discount at 105 VIERTEL locations Grüner Jäger and Phoenix for larger gatherings


Coworking Day Pass (19 EUR / day)**
Coworking Package 5 days/ month (85 EUR / month) or 10 days / month (150 EUR / month)**
Conference room booking (10 EUR / h or 100 EUR / day)**
Postal service (29 EUR / month)

Pay what you can (excl. VAT)*

* You can choose your monthly membership fee. By that we want to ensure that everyone can afford to become part of the network. Please keep in mind that the digital membership used to be 29 EUR per month and that our offering is very similar to that membership. We trust that you choose honestly, which amount you can afford. If you need to change the amount later, please send us a note to
** Bookings are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.

Join our inclusive and engaged impact community!

For all membership inquiries, please contact:

Lena Bücker

Co-Managing Director

For further questions, please see our FAQ or contact us at

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